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Hopscotch PR

Reputation design

Hopscotch PR designs and implements public relations and influence strategies which aim to help its clients build, manage, maintain and promote their reputations in the media, on the web and among their target audiences.

Its «Reputation Design» approach offers a wider vision of PR and influence managed around the central issue of reputation: Hopscotch Paris deploys tailored strategies to design, build, guide and measure the reputation of its clients.

This means focusing on four areas:

  • Creativity: originality – relevance – feasibility x ROI
  • Innovation: Hopscotch helps its clients take advantage of emerging trends and make the most of technology
  • Flexibility: clients are central to team structures, methods and relationship building
  • Results: Hopscotch PR commits to achieving measurable results.

Hopscotch Event


Hopscotch Event designs and implements communication plans through events, in the belief that events are the quintessential way to speak to clients Arousing
curiosity, offering an exceptional moment to engage with the public, and above all, offering memorable experiences. On every continent, Hopscotch Event brings
together the brand or the company with its public, its networks and the media in an effective and unexpected way.
To create strongly resonant experiences, Hopscotch Event relies on three powerful amplifiers: the #Live, the #Digital and the #PR.

By anticipating trends, connecting with talent from around the world and offering them new playgrounds, Hopscotch Event offers its clients the means to pioneer of
creative experiences.

Hopscotch Event creates and hosts its own events. Solutions COP21, The Films and Companies International Corporate Film Festival and la Semaine du Goût are
only just some examples of their events.

Hopscotch Corporate

Corporate communications

Hopscotch Corporate is a consultancy for companies’ and brands’ corporate issues.

Today’s corporate brands should be self-explanatory and give meaning to what the brand does, but also create and maintain a dialogue with the concerned parties in order to generate public engagement and expand their target audience with their influence.

Hopscotch Corporate advises clients on the development of their corporate values by infusing brand images with emotion, surprise, relatability, and engagement, in order to generate the preference at each relating point.

The agency also consults clients on the development of their corporate values by virtue of their comprehensive business expertise: studies/audits, global communication, lobbying, leadership advise, public and social communication, internal communication, employer brand communication, public affairs, crisis communication, CSR communication, institutional relations, coaching and media training, e-reputation and e-influence.

Hopscotch Travel

The art of travelling is a state of mind, a philosophy, a savoir-faire – a unique and proven tailor-made skill.

The Hopscotch Event team shares the same vocational attention to detail as scouts, pioneers, and goldsmiths. These artisan experts combine their experience and give depth to travel to bring more soul into daily life. They are writing history and giving it meaning and perspective… A bespoke and sophisticated endeavour gives way to the creation of unique and original voyages around the world.

Incentive trips in France and abroad / Customer loyalty programmes (Excellence club, Président club) / Internal reward trips (Challenge) / Agent reward trips / Seminars and conventions in France and abroad / Conciergerie (Client services for luxury homes) / Press Trips / Study trips / Experience tours

Hopscotch rouge


Hopscotch rouge is a consultancy that advises on brands’ and companies’ consumer issues.

With an unformatted approach to communication, a neutral media approach can transcend all channels – events, digital, media, point of sale, etc. What matters is identifying the right contact points to reach the right audience.

The agency believes that the value of the idea comes above all else:

  • The appropriate idea that addresses the brand mission;
  • The fresh idea that allows brands to distinguish themselves or generate preference and engagement.

Hopscotch Congrès

Professional Congress Organiser

Hopscotch Congrès is an agency specialising in the organisation of professional meetings and conferences. The agency works primarily with the healthcare sector, but also with scientific communities, and professional federations and institutions. Hopscotch Congrès is organised around strategic divisions: the PCO (Professional Congress Organiser) and Health Care Events.

The PCO assists clients in organising their conferences, in managing their associations (Association Management Company) and in formulating their applications for international conferences.

As a partner with the healthcare industry, Hopscotch Congrès brings solutions for the organisation of seminars, symposiums, and events, but also in the regulatory management of professional relations.

Their mission: Deliver advice based on professional expertise and a rigorous process allowing for the creation of the highlight moment in your community!

Hopscotch Luxe

Hopscotch Luxe is the agency dedicated to the communications activities for HOPSCOTCH Groupe’s luxury and premium brands.

Hopscotch Luxe seeks to offer luxury brands the most creative and innovative communications solutions by combining a variety of skills, including event conception, PR, design and digital, within a team of 20 people and an integrated design studio.

  • Image & Design: product design, publishing, visual identity, packaging, visual accessories.
  • Events: press launches, product presentations, conferences, workshops, openings, evening events, exhibitions.
  • Retailtainment: In-store animations, set design.
  • Digital & Brand content: Platform and Website, Mobile Applications, Social Wall, Video & Photos.
  • Social media strategies.

Our specialized agencies


Digital marketing

heaven specialises in online communications and marketing:

  • Maximises brand presence, investment and revenue on the Internet
  • Capitalises on the rapid development of the social sphere and the real-time web
  • Advocates decentralised communications activities

heaven incorporates digital innovation and supports brands faced with a proliferation of communication channels, audience fragmentation and a growing number of contact points. With its pure player approach, heaven thinks out-of-the-box with regard to «communication strategy» by incorporating digital at the very heart of its thinking processes, by offering 360° communication concepts via the most suitable media, and by supporting its advertising and viral campaigns with ad hoc media plans (online).


Internal communications

Specialising in internal communications, Sagarmatha advises and supports companies at key moments when they communicate with their internal audiences: times of mobilisation (seminars, incentive travel, etc.), times of change (reorganisations, moves, etc.), times of celebration (evenings, open days, etc.), times of CSR engagement (disability and diversity communication plan, cohesive team building, environment awareness-raising campaigns, etc.).

By placing the human at the heart of its strategies, Sagarmatha encourages participant involvement, the recognition of individuals and the creation of sustainable links. This vision is embodied in the new strap line, «START WITH PEOPLE»,
which summarises Sagarmatha’s strong convictions.

Sagarmatha holds the LUCIE label and is based in Paris and Lyon.

Human to Human

Corporate Digital

Corporate #Hacker!

Human to Human, created in 2003, seeks to rethink Corporate Communication for the digital age.

For over 10 years, Human to Human has assisted brands, companies, institutions, and leaders in the management and optimisation of their reputation. They strongly believe that it is better to understand the public before trying to win them over. As such, Human to Human puts the analysis of public opinion issues and the creation of digital-friendly content at the heart of their mission of expanding their clients’ sphere of influence.

Le Public Système PR

Media Relations

Public Système PR is a global PR agency working with the reputation of companies, brands, and organisations.

The agency creates and implements bespoke communication strategies offering the following expertise to their clients:

Relationships  with the media, e-PR, digital campaigns, institutional relations, public affairs and lobbying, creation and production of “media, live & digital” content, crisis communication, media training.

Public Système PR helps companies, organisations, and brands to structure their messages, identify their audiences, and use the best channels of communication to optimise their dialogue and increase their voice.

Strategies that target three objectives: Notoriety, engagement, and reputation.

Public Système PR is a true daily partner with a strong results culture – the agency shares their clients’ issues, helping to create value.

Le Public Système Cinéma

365 days of cinema

Le Public Système Cinéma creates, co-produces and organises film festivals (Deauville Festival of American Film, Beaune International Detective Film Festival, Marrakesh International Film Festival, Gérardmer International Fantasy Film Festival) and promotes around thirty films per year.

In addition, Le Public Système Cinéma advises and helps brands and businesses that want to use culture and art, including cinema, as a vehicle for communication.


Small and medium events

Capdel is the right solution for the creation and the organization of all types of small and medium-sized business events (seminar, gala event, incentive, convention, travel,…).

Thanks to an optimized purchase strategy, a specific savoir-faire and a strong event logistic and planning expertise, Capdel’s team ensureslow-cost services and a maximum responsiveness, even for last-minute requests.

Capdel offers a web platform with more than 750 turnkey ideas, as well as cost saving and rationalization solutions on a yearly basis.

U Pro

Digital events

U Pro is a start-up company specialising in events digitisation and communications activities. A software editor and software deployment consultant, U Pro supports numerous French and international companies, particularly in their conversion to
Among the solutions deployed by its clients, U Pro offers live and interactive web casts, digital event devices, company social networks or media management solutions.
A true creator of new experiences and live and interactive web-based human relationships, U Pro works with all activity sectors, primarily within corporate environments.

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