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Since it beginnings, a creative, innovative and pioneering spirit have run through the veins of HOPSCOTCH Groupe, giving it an incontestable head start in the communication market in France. This state of mind has resulted in a sustained pace of internal growth for over 15 years. A dynamic and clearly thought-out external growth policy has also enriched us with talent and skills while maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit within the Group. HOPSCOTCH Groupe has been able to maintain a sound and lasting financial structure, guaranteeing its independence within a competitive market and allowing it to pursue a dynamic growth strategy in conditions of strong profitability.

The Group’s stock market listing in 1998 confirmed this spirit of independence by focusing on the benefits of coordinated management and a long-term strategy. Finally, the sound and lasting financial profitability of HOPSCOTCH Groupe is also the fruit of an asset management policy, closely involving management and employees in the Group’s development.

Pierre-Franck Moley, Member of the Executive Board

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Identity card

  • Date of initial public offering
  • Juillet 1998
  • Listing location
  • NYSE Euronext Paris
  • Quotation market
  • Eurolist Compartiment C
  • Codes
  • ISIN : PUS FR 00 000 65 278
  • Year end
  • 31 december
  • Indexes
  • CAC All Shares
  • Eligible PEA
  • Yes
  • SRD
  • Non
  • Liquidity contract
  • Gilbert Dupont
  • Statutory auditors
  • Cabinet Foucault SAS
    KPMG Audit IS SAS
  • Dividends
  • For the financial year 2013: 0,25 Euros
    For the financial year 2012: 0,50 Euros
    For the financial year 2011: 0,50 Euros
    For the financial year 2010: 0,25 Euros
    For the financial year 2009: 0,75 Euros
    For the financial year 2008: 0,50 Euros


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  • 8 November 2016

    Turnover 3th quarter 2016 (after-trading release)

  • 7 February 2017

    Turnover 4th quarter 2016 (after-trading release)

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